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Baby’s First Cold

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You can’t seem to avoid it and you know it will come but when your baby gets his or her first cold, its the saddest thing ever! Of course, I’m only talking from experience here. My 10-month old has been sick with a runny nose and cough for the last three days. It seems to be getting worse before its getting better. As a mother, you wish you can take away any pain your child is experiencing especially as a baby. They are so small, don’t know how to blow there nose or even spit for that matter. So it seems really unfair when a baby gets sick.

But, rest a sure it will get better, it probably will take a few days but there is light outside that crying, runny noise, cough-filled tunnel.

What to do for your baby’s first cold

My baby is not one year old yet so we can’t give him honey, which makes it hard when trying to find a way to soothe his coughing fits. Instead, I boiled broccoli, kale, carrots, and garlic in a pot to make soup. Once that was boiled I used the baby bullet and blended it up for him. Now you’re probably thinking, my baby isn’t gonna eat this and you’re right. You need to add fruit for taste, so I added a banana. Luckily, he still had a good appetite so he ate every bit of the soup. It’s important to keep your baby eating and hydrated while their little bodies build up their immune system.

For a stuffy nose

Have saline nose drops,  a rubber dropper and most importantly the NoseFrida on hand to suck out all the snots. Especially after you add the drops which will help thin mucus and make it easier to remove from your baby’s nose. Run a cold water humidifier in your baby’s room to add moisture to the air. This may help your baby breathe a little easier.

Get enough liquids

Hydration is key when working through your baby’s first cold. Have an additional supply of fluids like pumped breast milk, formula, or water at the ready. Offer them to your baby even in smaller than usual doses— but more frequently just to keep him or her hydrated.

Running a fever

Try cool compresses and consult with your doctor about giving your baby Tylenol.

Mom Tips for Baby’s First Cold

It will be ok. Try not to stress. All babies will get their first cold sometime.

  • Stay calm-try not to stress out because babies can definitely feel any nerves or panic you might feel.
  • Lots of snuggles- during this time your baby is going to reach out more than ever for your warmth, hugs, and comfort. Get ready for lots of snuggle time!
  • Get some sleep when your baby is sleep- chances are your not going to get much sleep at night so take advantage of the zzz’s when you can.

Hope this post helps you get through your baby’s first cold. From one mom to the next I hope your baby gets better soon and builds his or her immune system a bit stronger to fight whatever comes his or her way. Momin’ isn’t easy but it sure is worth it!


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