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Furlough and Out of a Job? Top Work From Home Jobs

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Top Work From Home Options for Furlough Employees: Start Making Money Right Away

In this type of uncertain climate going to work and having the fear that you may be exposed to the COVID-19 is something you shouldn’t have to deal with. Many service employees don’t want to take the risk and are out of a job and looking for remote employment elsewhere.  As a mother of 4 children, I couldn’t imagine being in this predicament where my only source of income was taken away from me.  So I put together a guide of the top work-from-home opportunities you could apply to today.

Become a Teacher and Work from Home

How Does SayABC Work?

If you have a laptop, are an English speaker, have internet, and an ethernet cord – you’ve already got everything you’ll need to apply to be a remote teacher.  As a SayABC teacher, you can work from home and start making money right away.

SayABC is a growing English teaching company located in Beijing. They provide a one-to-four style interactive classroom with a proprietary curriculum. All curriculum is provided an hour before the class is in session so you’ll have access to view and prepare for your class. The classes are 40 minutes long. Timing is key, you will have to log into the platform 5 minutes before and stay the entire time (even if the students don’t show up). Good thing is that you will still get paid even if students are absent.

SayABC has great teacher resources and a community of teachers who are always eager to provide best practices and help you through the process.

SayABC Pay Rate

The starting rate is $15 but you can easily earn up to $21 if you are participating in the trial courses or if you fill in for an absent teacher.

How Do you Apply to Become an Online Teacher?

Visit SayABC and Apply Today

After you submit your application you will receive a response within 1-2 days.  If you meet all the requirements you will receive an interview request via email. This process only takes a couple of days, if not sooner. I suggest checking out YouTube for examples of interviews to help you get prepared.

Visit VIPkid and Apply Today.

An alternative is VIPKid, parent company of SayABC. VIPKid’s curriculum and hiring process are more comprehensive and they offer more tutorials and training guidance to become an online teacher. Find out more information on VIPKid.

Upwork – From Furlough to Freelance Overnight

How does Upwork work?

Create an Upwork profile and start applying. There are a wide variety of clients who are looking for different expertise levels, from simple jobs like data entry to marketing assistant to virtual assistants, and much more.

Upwork is a great place to find more clients, and to start your own freelance business. Some benefits include the freedom to work on ideal projects. You decide what type of client you would like to work for and what projects you are interested in taking. Just complete your profile and highlight ideal jobs.

Upwork Pay Rate

You set your pay rate.  Most clients will provide an estimated fixed price for the project or an hourly rate. You can apply to the jobs that meet your hourly rate.

Apply Today

Start looking for a job today. Sign up

Remote Jobs – Start Working from Home

How does Remote.co work?

Remote.co is a hub for all sorts of remote jobs.

This site provides the top remote jobs to choose from. Before applying, what you need to do is play up your remote work experience. Employers hiring remote workers like to see previous remote work experience, so make sure you include this on your resume. Make note of any jobs where you worked remotely, even occasionally.

Remote.co Pay Rate

From the hourly rate to salary pay, it all depends on the type of job you are applying for.

Apply Today

Start to browse job openings today. Looking for tips on how to transition to work from home, check out these great tips.

I hope this guide provides you with some options to start your job search. With the uncertainty of when the government shutdown will end, it’s important to have multiple sources of income. Lots of these options are part-time and flexible, so even when you get back to work having a 2nd job isn’t so much of a bad idea, especially for unexpected situations like this. Good luck in your search.

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