fall fitness tips for mom

Like Nike says… Just Do it

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So… I guess we’re going to try this.. working out thing.  How many times have you told yourself you were going to start. You start and after a 1 week (if that) , something happens, you are too busy and stop going to the gym.

I know because this has happened to me MANY times. This time I plan on doing something different.  I plan on documenting my entire fitness plan and holding myself accountable with my fitness pal, Liz.

This blog is dedicated to all the busy mom’s out there, that are looking for support, motivation, and consistency to meet their fitness goals.

Set a plan, get a fitness pal

First things first, make a plan. Start simple, I’m no trainer but I know its important to have a goal in mind before doing anything in life. You need to know what you are working to achieve. I’m not into the BMI (body mass index), all I know is that I would like to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight- 145lb, have a flatter stomach, and tone up my muscles. Sounds simple enough right?

My fitness pal Liz and I created a google sheet listing our basic stats, weight, height along with a week by week fitness plan. Whether we decide to go to the gym one day, or pop in a Jillian Michaels dvd another day, we will write this in our fitness plan and share our experiences along the way.

Take Pictures!

Before you get started take a before picture. Trust me, I know this can be hard to do, but it will be great to look back on once you begin to see results

Don’t only take pictures of yourself but during your workout, whether it be going for a walk, heading to the gym or lifting, take pictures of a “workout moment.” A moment you can reflect on that reminds you of the hard work you are putting in.

Stay Positive

This journey is not going to be easy and at times you will want to quit. But at those low points turning to  positive sayings or pictures can get you back on track.  Try making a vision board and putting it somewhere you can look at everyday to keep your eye on your goal.

Most importantly remember that you are doing this for you. As busy moms, we instinctively put the needs of our husband, and kids before our own. Take some time for you and just do it! Start your fitness journey today.


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