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Mom life is no walk in the park. Everyday is different, a new challenge to overcome, a problem to solve, lessons to teach, and things to do. I will share my day to day experiences including the wins, the fails, and anything in between. Did you know that there are 2 billion mothers in the world and 82.5 million in the United States? Us moms make up a large percentage of the population and we have a lot going on!

Mom Life is life

Once you become a mom, your whole life centers around this. Mom life is about preparing dinner for your family, eating together and having those dinner family talks. It’s about planning family vacations or vacations without kids, keeping kids entertained during long winter and summer breaks. And, it’s about you – your health, your sanity, and the balance you strive to create as you attempt to keep it all together. It’s about everyday being the best mom you can through it all.

Unfiltered Mom Moments

You know that column in those teenage magazines that had all the embarrassing moments in it? As a kid I always gravitated to that section for a good laugh. My goal of this blog is to not only share unique experiences but to find the humor in those very awkward, uncomfortable, unexpected moments we share as mothers.

Let’s walk through this living our mom life together

Welcome to the Living our Mom Life. We hope you will stay and enjoy a cup of coffee, tea, or wine as you curl up after a long day and connect with moms just like you.

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