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My Son Can’t Stop Saying Mama

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Mama! Mama! Mama!

My son is 20 months now and loves to say, Mama.

Morning, naptime, bedtime he calls out my name constantly. Sometimes in need of something but oftentimes just for fun. He will look right at me and say, Mama, Mama, Mama three times and start giggling. I answer with yes, or Landon and he finds it so entertaining. The funny part about this is with my daughters this wasn’t the case. Of course, they called out for me, but never as frequently as my son Landon does. So it brings me to wonder.. if my son can’t stop saying mama is this a bad thing?

My Son Can’t Stop Saying Mama: Is he a Mama’s boy? 

I never really understood the meaning of Mama’s boy till I had my son Landon. There is something different about my connection with my son vs my daughters. My son seems to be aware of my every movement. It’s like he has spidey senses on where Mama is in the house and feels when I’m not there. Now that he is almost two I’m seeing his independence more. But the spidey senses are still very much there. The term “mama’s boy” is supposed to be a bad thing. Mostly used to describe an older man who still lives with his mother, and being spoiled. But it doesn’t have to be that way. I believe that it’s entirely possible to raise a son who is independent and also maintains a healthy, loving relationship with his mother.

I’m a mom and I feel famous

So this is what it must feel like to be famous. Seeing popstars or famous people in crowds of people calling out their names. The feeling of awe is definitely there, it makes my soul smile. But at the same time, after a while, it can be draining! I realize that this is a phase and before I know it Landon will be more independent and handling things on his own. So, for now, I will revel in the Mama calls and enjoy it for what it is.

Who needs real fame when you can be family famous. As moms, we tend to undervalue or overlook our crucial role in our household. It’s nice to have a reminder from a 20-month little person that yes you are the Mama and you are wanted, needed and loved every day!



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