Quarantine Life

Quarantined with Kids

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WTF.. really what is happening to the world right now? It feels like a scary movie you are watching and then you wake up and realize, no this is life right now.

Afraid to go out, afraid to get too close to people at the market, who could imagine this? As a mom, worry and uncertainty could get the best of you. I look at my four kids and hope for a better life for them and hold on to hopes this will all go away soon.

But as mom’s we need to prepare and control what we can. Our homes have turned into our sanctuaries, our safe place. Here are some ways you can keep your kids entertained, happy, so what normal life, while keeping them safe.

Set a Morning Routine

Although the kids aren’t going to school its still good to get them into a morning routine. I have my girls get up, brush their teeth, get dress and come down for breakfast before they jump on their virtual learning school.

Also doing something unique is a good idea during these times. I have a morning huddle with my daughters. We sit in a circle and say one thing we are thankful for each morning. I find that starting the morning with a grateful heart is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your kids.

Bake Something Sweet

With quarantine life I find myself baking something sweet at least once a week. The kids look forward to it, and who doesn’t love a sweet treat. Also having the kids help with baking makes it a fun activity, and they are learning something new.

Add Some Spontaneity to Your Day

Try not to stick to the same schedule every day. The kids are already stuck in the house so surprising your child with something new will bring some joy.

Here are some activity ideas to bring the spontaneity to your kids days:

  • Have your kids start a new hobby, scrapbooking, journaling or taking pictures.
  • Teach your kids how to code. has a great learning program.
  • Create new animals, build a habitat for them and so much more with Switch Zoo Animal Games.
  • Find DIY experiments, craft projects, stories, and more here. They even have videos that explain the coronavirus pandemic to your kids.
  • Create your own spelling tests or choose from dozens at Spelling Training.
  • Help your kids plant their first garden!

I hope you are staying safe and this blog gives you some new ideas to keep your quarantine life with kids a little bit easier. When times are difficult. remember this, us moms can handle any crisis, we have kids.