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A VIPKid Teacher Guide on How to Setup Home Office

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Working from home has so many benefits, flexibility, work-life balance, saving gas, and no time wasted in traffic. Who could ask for anything more? However, being successful and productive in your home space has its own set of challenges. I’m writing this blog to share with you my ideal setup and some tips and tricks on the best way to setup your home office.

Standing desk: A Must Have to Setup Home Office

My best investment has been by far my standing desk. No more slouching down in the desk, back pains, or lack of movement with a standing desk. I’m not only moving more but I have less lower back pains from sitting down all day. An extra plus is that there are desk exercises you can do as you work– feeling double productive when it comes to hitting my Fitbit step goals.

joy standing desk

Less is More

I will be the first to say if I’m seeing too much clutter around me I start to feel distracted and less focused on my work. Before the start of a new week I like to look at my desk and try to declutter and get rid of unnecessary items.  Whether that be mail pile up from the week or the ongoing flow of school papers my kids pile on my desk.  All must go! When you are thinking of decor ideas, try to think simple on things you put on your desk.  For the walls you can get creative, I like to add motivational quotes or sayings, and any degree or certifications.

Good Lightning

A desk lamp and a standup lamp is a must. If you’re on video calls or if you’re a teacher for VIP Kids or SayABC like me, lightning is everything!

A selfie ring light is what I use to help with lightning when I’m teaching my class.

The best part is that it has a few different lightning settings. It has soft light with 3 colors lighting mode: white, warm yellow and warm white. The yellow setting is my favorite it makes you look like you have a nice summer glow.

Tech Setup is Key: How to Setup Home Office

Less wires

Sometimes you can’t avoid the wire situation. You have a desktop computer, a laptop, router, modem, office phone, a printer and phone charger. So many wires, but how to you keep things organized? These wire molds have made such a huge difference and it keeps your office looking organized and less clutter. I even use them in my living room to help with the wire situation there too.

Ethernet cord Trick

Looking for ethernet strength internet connection without have to relocate your office space? Now this was a game changer for me, having a strong internet connection is so important especially when you’re having internationally video conferences. But how often is your modem positioned in the exact same place as your office? Very rare.

For example, my modem is in my living room and my office happens to be in our  finished basement.  So how did I get the most perfect, super fast internet connection AS IF I was connected directly into the modem? I purchased an ethernet adapter! Now don’t get me wrong our WIFI connection is fast too. But before using this adapter the speed and video connection was slow or distorted in the basement and afterwards the speed level increased and I have yet to have any connections problems. Win, win!

Frequently asked Questions on how to Setup Home Office

How do I set up a home office for a budget?

1. Be creative with your space.
2. Don’t run to big, chain office stores for supplies.
3. Go green.
4. Use what you already have.
5. Hit the thrift stores and flea markets.
6. Decorate the office yourself.
7. Avoid landlines.
8. Barter or trade
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How can I make office without windows better?

1. Pick a new paint color. The best way to brighten up a dark room is to switch up the paint color on the walls.
2. Adjust your lighting.
3. Create the illusion of windows.
4. Bring in some natural elements.
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I hope you found this post helpful! Good luck with your home office setup.

Once you’re done feel free to share your finished office space below. 

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