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The Dreaded Stomach Bug: Facts & Tips to Help You Get Through It

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Ughh.. not again, the dreaded stomach bug has touched down this New Year.  As much as every mom tries to avoid it, somehow it manages to sneak in and take over our little ones.

Here are some facts and prevention tips to help your family get through this tough time.


  • The stomach flu generally lasts about one to three days but it can last up to 10 days.
  • The flu shot will not protect you against the stomach flu.
  • The stomach flu is very contagious.


  • Wash hands well (with soap and water for at least 20 seconds) before eating, drinking, or preparing foods.
  • Wash produce well before eating.
  • Do not eat or prepare raw or undercooked foods.
  • Disinfect everything!
  • Keep a clean house
  • Ginger, Turmeric and lemon tea to help build your immune system
  • Infected people should avoid contact with others and should not prepare food.

What to do if your child gets the stomach flu

  • Encourage small sips of liquid. It’s best to give an oral rehydration solution such as Pedialyte.
  • Sleep, lots of sleep to rest your child’s body.
  • Wash hands.
  • Make sure to sanitize surfaces that may have become infected.
  • Wash linens that may have been contaminated with vomit or diarrhea with detergent in hot water, and dry on the high heat cycle.

Above all, stay calm, and do the best to make your little one feel comfortable and recuperate as quickly as possible.

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