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Vacation and No Kids: Why Mom Guilt Should Not Get In the Way

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Mom Guilt, how can you go on vacation without it?

Okay, we all know Mom on vacation is far and few between, if it even happens at all. So why when given the opportunity to take a week off do us Mom’s think twice and go through some major guilt.

The What if’s

Here comes the long list of what if’s… “what if the kids get sick, what if something happens, what if my kids get so sad and miss me so much they can’t even function!” What if….  more like AS IF.  So over the top, our thoughts go.

So let’s say after a few days you finally come to terms with the fact that the kids will probably be fine, you then look for outside reasons like, maybe we shouldn’t travel abroad because it’s dangerous, the plane might crash, and the list goes on. The dreaded mom guilt keeps creeping back.

4 Tips on how to get past Mom Guilt:

  1. Think positive thoughts
  2. Check in once a day (don’t be too excessive)
  3. Remember to enjoy this rare moment of freedom since it doesn’t happen often
  4. Remember this vacation is not just for you, your kids will reap the benefits of having a completely recharged mom that is so excited to be back home, ready to kickstart home life again.
Mom guilt is no joke, sometimes you can’t help but feel it. It might never go away completely but if you make a conscious effort to enjoy your time away to recharge and refresh it will only better you as a mother.

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