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Day 1 Workout: Avoid These 2 Mistakes

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Good Start

I would say Day 1 of Jillian Michael’s workout was a good start. This workout focused on the upper body- arms and chest. Which are some key areas that I need to strengthen. Us Mom’s need to be able to carry our babies around (not to mention the car stroller).

So this first workout was far from perfect. Here are some mistakes I made that hopefully you can learn from before starting a new workout plan.

Mistake #1: Show up Unprepared

Think Ahead

Okay so one thing you should make sure to do is to make sure you have the necessary equipment beforehand. I could only find one 5 lb weight to work with so I had to modify some of the moves. I would suggest starting small first. I’m downgrading to 2.5 lb weights vs 5lb weights each. Remember you don’t want to over do it and hurt yourself on the first workout.

Mistake #2: Don’t forget to Warm Up!

Always Stretch

If you’re like me and you are gradually working yourself back into this workout life you need extra time to stretch out. Yes, Jillian has a warm up beforehand to get your muscles moving- but you may need some extra stretching to prevent any injuries. A light morning yoga plan can help with this.

After the workout was done I felt great. Nothing like a sweaty workout to make you feel like you did it, you took time away to focus on you and your body and your not a complete couch potato.


One thing I did notice is once I started working out I automatically felt a need to eat healthier and make healthier food choices.  I will be the first to tell you I’m not a dieter. I believe that your diet needs to be altered for sure but I don’t plan on completing giving up bread. Similar to Oprah I LOVE BREAD!

But like anything, moderation is key.  Stay tuned for some new healthy meals I will be trying out.

Slow and Steady

Anyway, back to the workout if you are a new mom or even a mom that hasn’t worked out a while and wants to gradually make your way on the fitness scene. This DVD will be a good option for you.

What’s that saying? “Slow and steady wins the race” call me a tortoise then!  This basic slow approach hopefully will get me to that finish line…eventually.

In the meantime stay tuned for many adventures I plan on going on and probably a dozen more mistakes before I reach my goal. This weight loss journey I promise is not easy, you will want to quit many times, probably even quit, but the important thing is for you to keep trying and realize it’s okay to fail, one more failure is another opportunity to get it right!

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